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To Ensure The Provision Of Early, Appropriate, Comprehensive And Holistic Emergency Medical And Trauma Care Which Encompasses The Resuscitation, Stabilization And The Definitive Care Of Our Clients


Our objective is to establish a center of excellence in the provision of emergency medical and trauma care of the highest quality in the country. We will achieve this with the following strategies:

Provision of emergency care through a holistic approach which emphasizes both the technical aspect as well as the Corporate Culture aspect.

Provision of emergency care by highly trained personnel fulfilling the appropriate professional standards.

A "Learning Organization" with active research, publications and training activities.

A "Caring Organization" with the philosophy of "Caring Heart Comes From Caring Home".

A user friendly department utilizing a "Smart Building Concept" with the philosophy of "Structure Mirrors Process and Structure Facilitates Care".

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The treatment of patients is divided into 3 categories:-

  1. Non Critical Zone (Green Zone).
  2. 2. Semi Critical Zone (Yellow Zone).
  3. 3. Critical Zone (Red Zone).

Services are divided into :

Acute Emergency Medical Care

  • Area of critical & ill patient where there are stabilized & treated before go to definitive care

Asthma Bay

  • It is for asthmatics that have a mild asthma attack

One Stop Crisis Centre (O.S.C.C.)

  • cases of rape, battered women and battered children are seen in this special room. Patients are also advised or counseled by social workers and N.G.O (Non Governmental Organization)

Pre-Hospital Care

  • Ambulance services for emergency medical care outside hospital

Disaster Management

  • This department is always on standby alert for disaster and coordinates the medical base station on the field

Procedure Room

  • Used for minor procedure like wound suturing, dressing, & catherization


  • To provide internal & external training for assistant medical officer, nurses & medical officer
Sedang Dikemaskini.
Sedang Dikemaskini.

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